Life comes at us fast, and hardships, relationship problems, and even significant trauma can throw us off track. Seeking out therapy is a major step in self-awareness and empowerment, and just getting to this point is something to be proud of. 

However, a relationship with a therapist is just like any other relationship. Compatibility, understanding, and communication are key, so choosing a therapist who is right for you is important. Learn more about me, my therapy expertise, and how working with me can provide you with the tools to make the positive changes you’re looking for below.

My Therapy Philosophy

As a former Army Medical Reservist and child of a military family, I understand firsthand the unique challenges of conflict and trauma. As such, I specialize in relationship therapy and reunification with over 15 years as a marriage and family therapist. Further, I regularly work in trauma therapy for mental disorders, medical health care, suicide prevention, and combat trauma through a cognitive behavioral approach. 

In 2018, I helped found a nonprofit called You Matter-Not Alone Suicide Prevention Charity Organization. This organization works tirelessly to educate the wider community on suicide prevention and general mental health awareness, including schools, the military, and other organizations that need resources and support. On top of that, I’ve created the Battle Buddies App, a digital resource for one-on-one peer support for 19 million veterans across the United States to address the high suicide rates among our Armed Forces.

When working with me in a therapy setting, you can expect to work together on understanding and resolving challenges in your life. Whether your concerns stem from negative thoughts, past trauma, or behavioral patterns, therapy can provide a helping hand to unlock a happier and more fulfilling life.

Some of my most common treatments include:

If you’d like to speak more about therapy, or you’re ready to commit to personal and relationship growth, get in touch by calling 818-588-7141 or scheduling an appointment online today.

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